What is Med-Iter-Rights?

MedIterRights is a personal initiative that aims to promote human rights of migrants within the Mediterranean region and beyond.

The work of MedIterRights is increasingly around raising awareness of the legal, economical, social, political processes involved in the immigration and asylum system, in the Euro-Mediterranean Basin, at a national and European level.

MedIterRights aims to document the obstacles and violations that are the structural product of the militarized Southern European border regime, by standing up for a universal right to move.

This multilingual platform aims to provide the basis for an understanding of the complex environment with which migrants interact and the complexity of the legal, cultural and political geography of the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

The documentation collected by MedIterRights seeks to support the work of organisations that defend migrants’ rights, inform migrants of their rights, pressure authorities into respecting their obligations, support the ongoing campaigns and actions of several grassroots organisations through the Mediterranean Sea.

My work is based on the following core activities:

  • Keeping our members informed with news and analysis, including providing up-to-date policy analysis, information about national and European public policies, campaigns and initiatives;

  • Supporting local, national and European debates about immigration by spreading news, document and information in 4 languages (english, french, italian and spanish) and by improving cross-cultural understanding;

  • Supporting several grassroots organisations, above all immigrant organisations of the Mediterranean Region, by communicating their campaigns and activities and providing support to migrant community activism.

MedIterRights does not believe that the Mediterranean Region can be defined in geographical or ethnic terms, neither by borders nor roots. Mediterranean must be understood as a space of exchange, of cross-cultural circulation and of dialogue.

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